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Coroplast for a Cage?

I may be able to fit a 5x4grids C&C cage (70" x 56") for my pair of guinea pigs into my home, and I was wondering:

Can most sign makers make coroplast large enough to fit this cage? If not, how can I accomplish making/getting a proper base for the cage?

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    If you are unable to find sign companies offering the proper size Coroplast, you can check into other places for sheets of it. For instance, shipping and distribution centers often use Coroplast on their pallets, and glass companies use it between sheets of glass. While they do not sell it, you might be able to get it for free. Other options are home improvement centers, and arts and craft stores. In Canada, http://www.loomisandtoles.com/ is listed as a source for the latter type business. Real estate agencies are also worth looking into as they use Coroplast for signs. Have you seen the section at CavyCages on where to get materials? People have submitted where they were able to locate what is necessary to make a C & C cage. The link follows:


    Wheekers is a GP site that has a Resource thread that might also be of help. The link to this page as well as the forum are below:



    You can check out a Canadian Cavy page with assorted links, too. It is as follows:


    Last, JackiesPiggies is a great GP site with a ton of links that might be useful in locating the Coroplast. At the very least you might be interested in the information on the site; especially the GP Sounds and GP Behavior pages at JP.

    Sorry, forgot to add the link. It is at:


    (GP Sounds and GP Behavior can be found from the GP Care page.)

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    I cant really answer the first question, you might just have to call and ask them personally.

    However, a great, waterproof, cheap base you can also use is linoleum. Its basically the same thing but its a bit harder (but not difficult) to make the siding of the cage. I was going to use linoleum for my piggies C&C cage.

    Good luck, and its great you will be giving the pigs a nice cage! :]

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    As far as I know the largest sheets are 8ft by 4ft. You would need to get 2 and tape them together.

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    Oh, I thought this said 'chloroplast for a cage'. That would have been a different situation...

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