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Where to rent an automatic car (for 4 ppl. + luggage) in Rome?

We are looking to drive around Italy from city to city. We would like to pick-up the car from Rome (either Fiumicino Airport or Stazione Termini). Looking for an automatic vehicle. Please help.

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    This is the link for all the car rental in Fiumicino.

    Termini is a very central station, I don't think there are any car renter.

    Avis, Europcar, Hertz and Maggiore are the biggest here in Italy. You only have to call or e-mail them and ask for a automatic vehicle. We've got a few in Italy but they are not impossible to find. Usually car renter reserve you only the cathegory of the vehicle but I don't think that your request will be a problem.

    I recommend anyway to email the company you chose and specify that for you the automatic transmission is necessary and that you will not rent the car reserved for you if it has not automatic transmission. Write it with caps lock and if they cannot satisfy your request say thank you goodbye and try with another renter.

    "Verba volant, scripta manent" would say Romans in latin: spoken words fly away, written words remain.

    Hope it helps!

    Source(s): Italian Girl!
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  • lumpee
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    I think the only place you might find an automatic car in Rome is at a place that rents luxury cars. Automatics are very rare in all of Europe and most other countries outside of North America.

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