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A video game idea has been floating in my head.?

I had an idea for a game, like Skyrim, like Legend of Zelda, but different as well. The game takes place in a fantasy world, it has futuristic technology, but the world never left the medieval style culture. Soldiers wear a futuristic looking knight suit, and the world is split into four countries. The gameplay like an open-world third-person action RPG, however, you have four set characters, a male knight who uses swords, axes, shields, and heavy guns, is slow but well armoured. A female rogue who uses smaller weapons, light swords and guns, fast but low armour. A male sorcerer who wields magic, mostly offensive elemental magic, medium speed and armour. And finally a female priest, a healer mostly, medium low armour, medium high speed. These four characters start off as recruits for one of the kingdoms, but as you go through the game, they rank up and level up, getting stronger, new armour and weapons to help. You play as one character at a time, the others can accompany you as NPC's or stay at a home base, and you can switch freely between them. The combat shifts depending on the weapon, when your using melee weapons, the combat is like a target based style like Legend of Zelda or Assassin's Creed, using the triggers to attack or block, but when using magic or guns, it turns into a TPS. I had cool ideas for guns too, one that shoots a flaming dragon head, one that fires spears, and one that shoots out blades in five different directions. I also thought a multiplayer component based on this system could work too, with classes just like the ones above.

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    Where do you want to go with this? If you are serious about trying to make it yourself then you will want to start getting some programming and art skills, or figure out how to get funding to hire people to help. If you want to pitch it to someone who might do something with it, then search around for a game dev forum or similar website.

    I should also point out that you aren't going to want to start a pitch with "Like this but different." It might interest some people, but no one who would have the dedication to actually carry though with it. Also try to think about how you would actually feel while playing the game, how it would flow and be a better game than others in the market. Don't bother trying to make something that will stand among all the AAA games around, you want something different and exciting.

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    You first think about the game which you like the most..then convince ur parents to buy them the same once..

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