error message 403 accessing email even after I sign in again and again?

Access to the webpage was denied

You are not authorized to access the webpage at You may need to sign in.

HTTP Error 403 (Forbidden): The server refused to fulfill the request.

My alternate email is

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  • 8 years ago
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    Same problem here, I just sent feedback to Yahoo Mail. For me it happens when I try to access my inbox via my bookmarked link. It happens in IE 10 and Chrome and it happens several times a day. Sometimes I can just reload the browser and then I will be able to access the bookmarked inbox without any problems, but sometimes i have to search for the Yahoo Mail page and then it takes me to the Yahoo Mail sign-in page. After I have signed back in, it will let me access the inbox. If I switch to the other browser, I still get the same error message when I try to access my bookmarked inbox but if I search for the Yahoo Mail page, then it bypasses the sign-in page and takes me straight to my inbox, so obviously Yahoo knows that I'm logged in.

    I never had this issue with the old old old version of Yahoo Mail Classic that I was happily using (via an old bookmark) until 2 weeks ago when I was pretty much forced to start using the new version. I'm very unhappy about it. Aside from those problems (which I NEVER had in the older version), the Search function is woefully inadequate and there are many problems with the "look" of the inbox, IMO. Instead of making their product better, it keeps getting worse and worse.

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    8 years ago

    Same thing happened to me . I have 2 yahoo accts connected with each was inaccessible, so I changed my psswrd via the other acct. THEN the other acct did not work...changed that paswd too.

    All seemed fine and sudenly, even tho I AM signed in, I got that stupid "access denied"note after I went on Yahoo home-page. Must be something up recently with either site glitch or hacker/phisher scheme cuz a LOT of yahoo people are complaining about this.

    I recentl;y logged on after I'd set up a SIGN IN SEAL...was it a REAL sign in seal page OR a page to phsh my email? I also logged on before that had happened to my Flickr account.,.,.,often when signing into that site with yahoo,it gives a page to fill...then I do and then another yahoo log in page is there (so 2 pages which prompt me for my email!) and I close the 2nd one.

    Anyhow, so if you had same experiences, this is what I just did to access my supposedly "forbidden" access-denied own page which I am already signed into.

    Do not sign in again. I did this yesterday and my password no longer worked --got stolen and got hijacked.

    What I just did here was NOT sign in again but, rather Google-search "Contact yahoo" and go to that Yahoo help page...and on the right hand side of that page, it says Your ACCOUNT settings (or something like that--I can't remember exactly) on that. It opens a new window for your site settings. You'll be IN your account. (still signed in like u were before this "access"-problem happened) Then, click on the mail envelope-icon on the top right hand corner of THAT page and it takes you right into your supposedly "forbidden" / inaccessible email.

    At least that is how I just did it. I was able to read and send emails as before. NO need to--

    "update the yahoo - profile" as a few users suggested

    Good luck and something's definitely UP with Yahoo these past couple days. My problem with it began around 4pm yesterday afternoon- writing from Ontario

    Source(s): same problem with my yahoo acct.
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  • 8 years ago

    I have a Yahoo Mail Plus and regular account and both are doing this as well. I noticed it started last night... I couldn't input any addresses, send or even save a post. Today, I get locked out of my account. I tried three different browsers - Firefox, Chrome and IE. This is clearly an issue with Yahoo and not your computer.

    The only quick fix I did that worked temporarily was to clear my browsers cookies and reload.

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  • 8 years ago

    I've had the same issue for the past 3 days. I tried to access it from a Mac, my personal PC and my work PC and still couldn't get in. I called my IT help desk at work to make sure I wasn't blocked and they said it was a yahoo issue. Anyone hear about Yahoo addressing this?

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  • 6 years ago

    I can enter e-Bay, but I can not enter e-Bay France from my toolbar!

    I can not enter my other mail than Yahoo between 12 PM - 6 AM with the same message!


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  • 8 years ago

    Same problem here!!!

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  • 8 years ago

    same problem.. just noticed it .. how annoying.

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