Would you date a male massage therapist?

My daughters father is a LMT. I am kind of old fashioned and would rather much date a man who does hard work. I thought only women and gay men do the profession. Most men I hear that are into it are to only get touchy with women.

To my point, I have known him for about 4 years. We have a daughter and live together but not together. He just became a massage therapist about a year ago and all I do is support him. I recently told him I never saw myself dating someone in that profession. I am not sure if its the thought of him rubbing people all day. Or some of the clients getting off to him rubbing them. He has client numbers and they call late for him to come over. I tell him not after 8 its just not professional. He thinks I'm overreacting and I'm insecure. Which I'm not. Just not comfortable.

Please tell me your experiences or would you date a male masseur.

Would love to here honest opinions from male masseurs too.

Thank You all!

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    8 years ago
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    I think you are right by saying its just not professional after 8pm... and it's not just a massage if he is actually going to calls after 8pm.... so if you are considering getting sexual again with him, then you've been warned....

    Now, the BIGGER, and million dollar question: WHat's wrong with this sentence? ----> "... live together but not together..."

    Really? You want to let this guy mooch off of you? This is something that will NOT be good for your daughter to see, him going out to do sexual things with people while you are at home. Just saying, BILLIONS of guys in this world, and you have to CHOOSE the ONE guy, and the ONE guy that isn't even into you.... he is just your daughter's dad. Really. Billions of guys............just saying... they will never get the chance to get to know you, and pursue you, if you are all hung up on your baby daddy..... just saying... billions of men on the planet... I dont care where you live, men are everywhere.........you have CHOICES in life. You have CHOICES in MEN.... CHOOSE wisely.... CHOiCES...............................

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