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Things to do in Seatle?

So this Valentines I'm planning to surprise my boyfriend with a trip to Seattle (we're from Vancouver island). I've been there before but he hasn't. Also when I was there I was young and with my father. I'm wondering about something we could do that would be kind of romantic, but also affordable. Places to stay would be helpful as well. We're taking the Clipper, so we'll be downtown. A place to stay close to that would be helpful.

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    The only two hotels right on the waterfront near the clipper dock: are the Edgewater: and the Marriot Waterfront: - neither is what I would consider affordable, but your budget might be higher than mine.

    You can either take a cab to get to a more affordable hotel a little further away or you can make use of the FREE Metro #99 Waterfront bus: to get around the waterfront and go up to where there are more hotels. It runs southbound along Alaskan Way about every half hour and stops right in front of Pier 69 where the clipper docks. If you stay on the bus to the end of the line in the International District the driver takes about a 10 minute break and then starts the run northbound along first avenue which will take you to where there are a lot more hotel options.

    You will definitely not want to miss the Pike Place Market: which is right above the waterfront and the Seattle Center has lots of things to do. You might want to consider staying in a hotel near there since it isn't terribly far from the waterfront and tends to have some hotels that are more affordable. The Maxwell is one you might want to consider: You can get back and forth to the main downtown area on the Seattle Monorail:

    Another hotel that is a little futher away but is a good value and offers free shuttle service is the Silver Cloud Lake Union:

    Some romantic ideas might be to walk up Queen Ann Hill to Kerry Park for a great view of Seattle (it is a few blocks up hill from the Seattle Center) and of course, the Space Needle is always a romantic place to have a meal: Or take a ride on the Great Wheel down on the waterfront.

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    1) Pike's place market and lunch at Mickey D's or Ivar's on the water front.

    2) Under ground Seattle Tour. About $10.00 each.

    3) Space Needle tour. Free

    4) Buhda Club and listen to some live music and have a micro-brewed beer. Must be 21 or older

    5) Ferry ride.

    6) Alki Beach. Beautiful even in the winter. Right across the water from down-town Seattle.

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    My only advice is to read Tori's answer. I was born in Seattle and have lived here on and off for the last 50 years. I don't know Tori but I do know that if I were a visitor, as you will be, her advice would be the best.

  • Anonymous
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    Hotel called Seattle sights on 23rd street really romantic lush views on top floor!

    Get him to stand at window watching sunset and as he stands there unbutton his pants and blow his brains out, will give him 2 views and a night he will never forget

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