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Help with French "y" and "en"?

Please explain it to me as detailed as you can, and please note that I have just learned about this a few days ago, so I don't even know most of the rules and exceptions. I have a test coming up next week on this, but my teacher hasn't explained it well at all and the class was only handed a measly little worksheet:( I would like to know what each of the words mean, what they replace, what words that they go between, when to use them, and give an example for things like: je, tu, il, elle, etc.

Thank you in advance!

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    Both "y" and "en" are pronouns. You what those are, right? Words that replace a noun. Well the trick here is figuring out what type of noun each pronoun replaces.

    1. "Y"

    Replaces nouns that would usually be introduced by the preposition "à"/"au"

    Example: Je vais à l'ecole. (I go to school)

    J'y vais tous les jours. (I go there every day)

    "Y" can be translated by the pronoun "THERE" in English.

    2. "EN"

    Replaces nouns that would usually be introduced by "de"/"de la"/"du"/"des"

    Example: Tu manges du chocolat? (Do you eat chocolates?)

    J'en mange beaucoup! (I eat a lot of it)

    "EN" can be translated by "of it" or "of them" in English.

    Go here for a more detailed explanation with examples http://www.french.hku.hk/starters/structures/06_pr...

    And here for practice


    Bonne chance!!!

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