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Question on Windows 8?

So, my computer teacher always told me never to use a short cut to shut down a computer. So recently bought a laptop with windows 8 and i have no idea how to shut it down, i just press Alt+f4 and then i click shut down. is that ok ? or should i log off of my account and then shut down ? Thanks , and if want to, can you tell me anymore other stuff that might help me and that i need to know to use windows 8. It would really help me, thanks .

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    That's a fine way to shut down. You can also shut down by pressing the laptop's power button. Once upon a time, pressing the power button on a computer would crash it by cutting the power immedeatly. Those days are long gone and it's perfectly safe to just press the power button and close the lid.

    Once you log on to Windows, press Win+F1 to bring up help and support. Click "Get started" and learn about how to get around in Windows 8. I can give you a brief overview, too.

    The start screen is the new start menu. Pin your most used programs to the start screen by right clicking. Click and drag the tiles on the start screen to position them however you want.

    Right click while on the start screen to see a list of all programs. But it's kinda hard to find stuff in a long list. The easiest way to find anything on Windows 8 is to search for it. While on the start screen just start typing the name of what you want. Windows will search as you type, like Google. It automatically searches for programs first but you can also search for settings or files by clicking the settings or files button to change the search type.

    The Charms bar is that menu that pops up on the right when you press Win+C. You'll find the power icon by clicking the Settings charm then clicking the Power icon.

    Apps are a new kind of program in Windows 8. They run full screen but down have the usual controls like minimize, maximize, or close. Apps don't really need to be closed. They go into a suspended state when you're not looking at them and don't drag down system performance. If you must close one put your pointer at the top of the app. Once it turns into a hand, click and drag the app to the bottom of the screen, then release it.

    The Charms bar is also the universal menu for apps. If you want to search the Store app for games then open the Store app. Open the Charms bar, click on Search, then type games and press Enter. If you want to print from the Mail app, Open Charms, click Devices, then click your printer. Though you should be using Ctrl+P whenever you want to print. It's just faster.

    There is a desktop mode just like Windows 7 that has a the taskbar and all that. Press Win+D to get to the desktop from the start screen. Then press Win to go from the desktop to the start screen.

    Put you pointer in the bottom left corner of the screen and right click to bring up the quick access menu. Or you can use Win+X. This menu has all the admin tools you could want, including Programs and Features for uninstalling programs, Control Panel, Disk Management, Command Prompt, etc. It's really handy.

    That should be enough to get you started but be sure to read the help files for more information.

    - Dominic

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    I found this article about Windows 8 Shut Down. Go to the link: For more details.

    Microsoft has concocted a series of maneuvers and keyboard shortcuts to shut down the new OS. Though slower and clumsier than going through the Start button, the new steps at least let you fully turn Windows 8 off.

    The most basic way to shut down Windows 8 is through the Charms bar.

    In the Metro interface, hover your mouse over the Zoom icon that appears in the lower right corner of the screen. The Charms bar should then pop up displaying several icons. Moving your mouse up the screen will reveal the names of each icon, including Search, Share, Start, Devices, and Settings. Click the Settings icon and then the Power Icon. You should see three options: Sleep, Restart, and Shut down. Clicking Shut down will close Windows 8 and turn off your PC.

    You can more quickly reach the settings screen by pressing the Windows key and the i key. From there, clicking the Power button will give you access to the same three options mentioned above.

    Another alternative is to sign out of your account and then shut down. You can either click your account photo or image at the top or press Ctrl/Alt/Del. Click the option to sign out. That will bring you to the opening screen for Windows 8 which you then need to pull up to access your login screen. The Shut down icon will be in the lower right corner. Click it to reveal the options for Sleep, Restart, and Shut down.

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    No no. I just got a laptop for christmas . Its very simple. Press the window button on the left bottom of your keyboard, hold it down while pressing the letter 'C' then on the right a control panel will come up. Click settings then power then shut down:)

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    Tell your teacher this ain't math class, shortcuts are used in the real world.

    To shutdown quickly press

    ctrl alt del keys on keyboard simultaneously and on the bottom right click the round power button icon and select shutdown.

    Additional shortcuts for fast navigation

    Windows key

    Windows key + i

    Windows key + c

    Windows key + q

    Windows key + x

    Windows key + e

    Get an external mouse with a center wheel for easy navigation via METRO

    Install START8 for $ 5 if you require a start menu

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