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pau gasol for derrick williams and nikola pekovic?

also dwight howard to the indiana pacers for paul george and david west.

lakers new lineup

pg-steve nash

sg-kobe bryant

sf-paul george

pf-david west

c-nikola pekovic


pg-delonte west

jsg-jodie meeks

sf-metta world peace

pf-derrick williams

c-jordan hill

this is a very solid bench and the offense is much better.

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  • Randy
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    8 years ago
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    There is no way, Minnesota makes that trade. Gasol is not bad but Pekovic is half his age at a quarter of the price for about 80 to 90% of the same production and Pekovic can still improve.

    If Minne were willing to eat Gasol's contract, I think something like Williams, Barea, and Roy seems fair to me.

    If the Lakers trade Howard because he is unhappy, they will not get back as they gave up to get him. This year, Howard hasnt been able to stay and he's being a malcontent already. No way do I take a chance on him, if he wants to come to my team(any team) we'd love to have him but not when there's a good chance he just leaves this summer.

  • 8 years ago

    Williams and Pekovic for Gasol? Seems like your not getting enough. Rudy Gay is a much better name that has been thrown out there; I would jump on him rather than Williams/Pekovic. Seems like you can get much more for Dwight too! Your not asking for enough, but it is agreed that Pau has to go. With Dwight there, there are match-up problems for Pau and he isn't getting the shots he should.

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