Do I have to wait for the ebay seller to refund me ?

Hi I bought an item on ebay and its been 37-38 days and i didnt receive it. I asked a refund to the seller and he told me wait 5 days and we will refund you. Does it work like this ? I have to wait days before refund or it should be done instantly ?

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  • 8 years ago
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    The refund should happen immediately because the refund is not going through some process with any other third party. It goes from his paypal to your paypal. Maybe the delay could be 2 days due to bank holidays or electronic queue but if its taken over 30 days, your seller is scamming you. Read the ebay buyer protection. It ends after 30 days I believe. Many sellers delay refunds to keep money.

    My advice, read everything. contact Ebay.... NOT Yahoo.

    Source(s): Ebay user
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