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Are there any health concerns for a traveler to Israel?

Canada to Israel?

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    There are no specific current health advisories for travelling from Canada/US to Israel but as with any overseas travel, you might want to have all the routine vaccinations up to date like measles and mumps, tetanus, polio, etc... If there is a chance that you will be visiting another country on your trip, you should check for more information. You should also take enough prescription medicine with you because even though Israel has an advanced western drugstore system, you might not have the exact types/brands of medicine available.

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    there arent any health concerns that are in israel that arent in canada, dont worry.

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    8 years ago

    You should consult the Canadian government and a travel agent before your trip

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    There is a possibility you may be infected with this virus of Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Zionist filth.

    But if you go the nice places like Tel Aviv, Haifa, and some parts of Jerusalem, you shouldn't be concerned.

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    8 years ago

    Uhhhh, no.

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