What do you think of Canada?

What makes Canada unique from the U.S.A?

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    7 years ago
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    What makes it unique is just the fact that it is Canada and not the united States. It is a better place to live, better schools better health care,

    . Canada has paid leave, and many employers offer benefits to new mothers, or parents, ranging from 17 weeks up to as much as 52 weeks.

    Canadians receive better social benefits such as healthcare, paid maternity leave and greater subsidization of their post-secondary schools. Canadians are proud of being Canadian.Yes we are.

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    Why is Canada so great? ..Canada doesn't have the highest national debt (The U.S. does, )

    We have a slightly lower debt per-capita than the U.S.

    We can understand American-English. (Well most of us anyway)

    Canadians are polite

    Canada is easy to spell

    Canada is easy to pronounce

    We have one of the top education systems

    We are at peace with many countries

    We are the leader in telephone technology

    We have better technology than the U.S.

    We made those dinosaurs in Jurassic Park

    Canada has more clean water than any other nation

    Hockey is Canada, Canada is hockey

    We know how, and when to use the word, "eh"

    We have two official languages, and a leader that speaks his own

    Unlike what many people think, Canadians are patriotic

    We are probably the least biased country

    We have the world's longest bridge (P.E.I. to the mainiland)

    We have the world's tallest self-supported structure (CN Tower, Toronto)

    We have the world's longest street (Yonge St., Toronto to somewhere near Manitoba)

    Our schools have less of a dicipline problem than American schools

    Canadian students rank higher than American students in Math, Science, English, ...

    Canadian invented the baseball glove

    Canadian invented insulin

    Canadian invented the kitchen stove

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  • I've never been to Canada but would love to. My mother did a university course with a Canadian man and has met several others. She says they're some of the friendliest people she's ever met. They do seem quite laid back and here in Australia they are occassionally referred to as our cousins from the north (or something to that affect) because apparently we're quite similar in terms of crime rates and what the people are like.

    My second cousin and her husband went to Canada for their honeymoon and said the country is beautiful and the people friendly.

    In terms of Canada vs USA I think other than certain food, climate (between US north and Canadian south) and similar they are very different. I haven't been to either country so I really can't comment.

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    7 years ago

    I spent a year at Pagwa River, Ontario. Lots of stumbling and falling.

    We were drunk.

    I have been across Canada from Sydney, Nova Scotia to Vancouver Island, too.

    I like Canada a lot, except for Pagwa River. To me, it wasn't much different.

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  • 7 years ago

    The bacon? To be absolutely honest, I rarely think of Canada, unless someone brings it up.

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  • 7 years ago

    They have bags of milk!!!!!!

    Source(s): MattG124. That Canadian dude from youtube!
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