Realtek Wireless Lan Driver?

Alright, I bought windows 8 and installed it on my Toshiba satellite s855d-007 (s855d-007001 or PSKB4C-007001). I have no wireless internet. I went into device manager and was able to install all of the other drivers but this one. The Windows 7 version that Toshiba supply's me with does not work on windows 8 and I cannot find a wireless lan driver for windows 8!!

Advanced System Specs:

Toshiba Satellite S855D-007001

750gb HDD

6GB of RAM

Windows 8 Pro 64bit

Realtek Wireless Lan

The Reason why this is up here is because this is my school laptop and I need it almost every day...and I wont go very far without internet!!! Please Help! I will pick best answer!!!

2 Answers

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