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Examples of corruption of the upper class in The Great Gatsby?

What were some parts in the novel that show the corruption of the upper class?

So far I have that Daisy married for money rather than love. She says that she loved Gatsby but he was poor, so she married Tom who was rich.

Then I have how Gatsby was trying to impress Daisy with all his material things. He showed her around his house showing off everything to show her that he is rich. He does this to try to win her over.

I looked up corruption in the book, and it said how Gatsby became rich by bootlegging does that show corruption though?

What are some other examples of corruption in the upper class? Thanks in advance!

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  • Rob
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    7 years ago
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    The Fact that Tom Has a mistress and treats her like a dog. Daisy, in reality, was the one driving gatsby's car when Myrtle was killed. However Tom Convinced Daisy (or daisy lied) to let Gatsby take the fall.

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