can you maarry more than once in skyrim?

im not gay but i was gonna marry a guy to raise my 2 handed up then get my money back then i was gonna marry a shop keeper after wards thats a female of course


iv been playing skyrim since it has came out and have married manytimes but i dont wanna kill wife if i cant marry her again and i was just gonna marry a shopkeeper then instead of farkas

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  • 8 years ago
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    you can't get married more than once unless you have the mod called "Multimarriages"

    you don't need to do that if you just want to get free training from Farkas, just finish the missions of the Companions, make him as follower , train 2-Handed with him, Trade items then get your gold back from him.

    Then marry the woman of you want..


    Multimarriages -

    Marry anyone -

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