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Fake Toronto Parking Tickets? Parking Control Unit?

This morning when I went to school, there wasn't parking in the school area, so I parked in a public parking area infront of a salon place across the street for around 30 min... when I came back to my car I got this parking ticket saying Parking Invoice 1350329. It is on a questionable piece of yellow paper, with almost photocopied printing. It is asking for my credit card number and such! It says i get discounts if I pay in certain amounts of time... $350 if I don't pay in the span of 28 days, if I pay within 4 days its only $25... it just looks sooo sketchy to me. The number is a 647 number and theres a P.O box... doesn't look too legit.

Does anyone know about this kind of thing happening?


(btw the site on it is just a paying site thats it. and the number is automated. you cant get through.)

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  • Jim B
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    A GENUINE Toronto parking ticket is machine printed by a computer that the Parking Control Officer carries.

    The actual ticket is printed on a material that feels like a new Canadian bill, it is polymer plastic, not paper, so the printing does not run, in the rain. .

    This sounds like a fraud, to me. TAKE it to any Toronto POLICE station and talk to the front desk Staff Sgt, and show it to him/her. It may be of interest to the fraud unit of TPS.

    Jim B


  • maston
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    Parking Control Unit Brampton

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    The first source link I posted below shows images of the types of parking tickets issued by the City of Toronto. If you still have doubts, I would contact the Toronto parking enforcement department to verify if the ticket is legitimate. Click on the second source link I posted below for their contact information. And if the ticket turns out to be legitimate, click on the third source link for your payment options.


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    You may have gotten a ticket from a private place that runs the parking lot. Check carefully where you parked to see if it was Private property and not a street.

    Ticket sounds like a scam. If from a private parking company they might tow your car the next time it is on one of their lots.

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  • 8 years ago

    call Toronto city hall and ask them maybe they have a website that has real tickets for u to compare.

    that sounds like a scam But be 100% sure if it is a fake Please contact the police and let them know

    so they can catch the scammers I have heard of scam pkg tix in toronto before.

  • Anonymous
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    I think ive gotten the same ticket from the same place. was this the plaza across from Humber college? and since its been a year now... What did you do and how did it work out for you?

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    call Toronto PD, I am pretty sure this is a scam!

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    More info is in this article

    Is it true?

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