Do you think Canada came "of age" over the course of the 20th Century?

Wilfrid Laurier said that Canada would "fill" the 20th century like the Americans did with the 19th century (paraphrasing). Do you think they have done so?

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  • 8 years ago
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    No, Canada is a minor player in world affairs.

    Nations like the USA were so successful because they had a united culture, united purpose and they had a large population.

    In contrast Canada has a smaller population and the colder climate has made it harder to establish the agrarian communities that cover the USA and so has been a less popular destination for immigrants.

    Foreign immigration there has only increased since the creation of large urban areas for these people to move to.

    Canada also has a strong separatist faction in many of the Qubecois who never reconciled themselves to British rule like the Cajuns of the USA did to the dominant Anglo culture there.

    Canada now has a resurgence of Indian claims along with concerns over providing protection/advancement for all manner of minority groups which further limits a sense of national culture. Multi-cultural nations lack the uniting culture to make them great, but Canada is not alone in that.

    Look to the likes of China to "fill" the world with a united people. The Chinese have investments and colonies in North and Central Africa, the Pacific, their own asian neighbours and of course have large populations in all western countries including Canada.

    That kind of expansion is what fuels empires, what creates zones of influence. It's the same thing that the original French and British settlers to Canada did to create that country.

    Canada is more likely to be filled than filling elsewhere.

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  • 8 years ago

    (I'm from the U.S.) No it has not. Canada is a great country that has played many parts on the world stage. It continues to do so today.

    Oil and tar sands from Alberta are an important resource. Canada can pipe oil south to the U.S., or pipe it to a western port for export to Asia. Either way helps Canada. The U.S. hurts itself.

    Canada played important parts in two world wars. In WWII, Canadians liberated the Netherlands. Today, Canada plays parts in peacekeeping around the world.

    That being said, the U.S. "fills the world" in the 21st century as in the 20th. Canada must legislate "Canadian content" in all the arts to prevent getting shut out in its own markets by U.S.


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