jobs related to meteorology?

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    Meteorologists do many things, some of which may surprise you. They work in atmospheric research, teaching, weather forecasting, and other kinds of applied meteorology.


    The largest employer of meteorologists in this country is the United States government. Many work for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which includes the National Weather Service. Some are on active duty with the military services, primarily the Air Force and the Navy, while others are civilian employees of the Department of Defense. Other federal agencies such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Department of Energy, and the Department of Agriculture also employ meteorologists. Other major employers include universities and private industry. University meteorologists teach and work in atmospheric research programs. There are increasing employment opportunities for meteorologists in industry, private consulting firms, and research organizations. Many television stations employ professional meteorologists rather than reporters to present weather information to their viewers.

    Student Volunteer Service (UNPAID) - NOAA's National Weather Service offers unpaid training opportunities to high school and college students. This program offers work experience related to the participants academic field of study . Students have an opportunity to explore their career options and to develop both professional and personal skills. Click here to learn more. If you are interested in the National Weather Service's Student Volunteer Service, contact Hope Hasberry through e-mail at or by phone at 301/713/0692.

    Where do you find out about jobs in meteorology?

    Networking and keeping your ear to the ground is probably the number one way to find out about positions. Asking people already in the business can be a big source of job leads. Starting out as an intern can be invaluable. The AMS publishes monthly listings of employment opportunities. Many college departments keep job announcements posted on the bulletin boards near the department office. Weathercasting positions are sometimes advertised in Broadcasting. Organizations such as the National Weather Service and the National Center for Atmospheric Research routinely publish their open positions. Many private sector jobs are arranged through personal contacts. If you have the training, good references, and healthy work ethic, chances are the work will find you. No matter what the position, you must be able to provide any employer with professional competence and good work habits. Web sites covering employment in atmospheric sciences include: (go through navigation to Employment Announcements) (Penn State University) (National Center for Atmospheric Research

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    Jobs Related To Meteorology

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    Meteorology examine the climate now i.e. climate forecasters Climatology is the study of the earths climate, now and thousands and thousands of years in the past.. how its replaced different ''ography'' jobs like it contain Oceanography - the sea Hydrography - water Geology and Geophysics - study of earth eg. earthquakes, volcanoes

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