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What countries were isolationists during the interwar years?

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    America Only claimed to be isolationists and Neutral

    the USA from 1921 Meddled into German Politics they Introduced the Dawes Plans and the Young plans to help Germany pay its WW1 debits then Reduced the debit By 50 %

    the USA allowed Prescott Bush the Rockefeller's to invest In Hitler from 1924

    they allowed Corporate USA to Buy Opel GM owned 80 % of Opel

    ITT owned 25% of Focke Wulf Ford Built factories in Germany France Russia

    IBM helped Hitler and the NAZIS from 1933

    Standard Oil Helped along with IBM and Dupont help Build Hitlers war machine

    and in 1933 J P Morgan set Up the Hitler fund Hitler needed 500,000 Marks to run in the 1933 elections and JP Morgan Used Money received from FDR Lindbergh Prescott Bush rockefeller's and Warburg the Money was Given to Standard o Oil/IG Farben and then to the Nazis

    Yes the Government said we are isolationists and Neutral But the Greedy warmongers were Not the three Links explain the Involvement of the USA

    and all this was Done By Citizens of a so called Neutral Isolated Country sorry where there is Money to be made the USA will never be Truly Neutral and Isolated

  • Lenny
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    America and the Soviet Union are the foremost that come to mind. China as well. Japan only formed a vague alliance with Germany and Italy, each dropped out of the League of Nations. France and Britain were appeasing Germany's demands but they were active on the international scene.


    Isolationism is on a diplomatic level. Private entities can do what they want but the United States federal government did not sign any into any alliances with anyone and did not participate in the League of Nations.

  • Jigaar
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    USA. They never helped in any foreign war, not even in WWI until 1917, a year before the war ended. Even in WWII, it was only when their precious Pearl Habour got bombed that they finally joined in.

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