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Is there any chances for me getting charged or being under a watch of the police?

Hi, people

Here is the situation. I dated a 16 y.o. girl for a couple of months.

I am 6 years older than she is. I know what you would think.

We were very aware of our age gap and we didn't do anything illegal.

Besides, we kept talking about how to tell her parents about this and stuff.

But, one day, her parents found out somehow, And she was grounded.

And I decided to go and see them in person to have a talk and make a good

impression showing who I am and trying to explain I am not some random creep who is trying to

corrupt her daughter and I informed my gf when I will visit.

So, I showed up at her house and her parents were waiting for me with a police officer.

And I just kicked out of the house and the police ran my background check and took my IDs and stuff. And at the end letting me go, He said he is putting an restraining order and everything

ends now. If I try to do any kind of contacts to her again, he will go through every single texts and calls she and I did and try to find anything inappropriate and if he does, he will arrest me big time.

I felt really insulted and offended by his attitude since I had no experience of getting into any trouble before. But whatever, what I want to ask is...

Is a restraining order can be just set like that over a few words?

Would a restraining order be on my criminal record?

Is there any chances that he is spying on my stuff like my phone and emails?

And is that true what he said?

Thank you, counting on your advices.


I live in MB, Canada

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    well first off you will be informed of a hearing in a court and it is not illegal to date a female 16 years of age here in Michigan the parents can press charges but that is only if you 2 have had sex and that goes for any state that i know of. dating not illegal penetration is what is illegal if they have no proof then you have nothing to worry about. here is something about michigan tho. 16 year old female is legal with parents consent to an 18 or older male but a 16 year old male is illegal to an 18 or older female. but at the age of 17 the parents have no rights to step in for the female it is up to them whether or not to sleep with a person or not. now just remember this is only michigan i know of

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