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How can i reformat my ssd?

Okay so i bought a second hand ibuypower pc off a relative... so i reformatted the 1tb hard drive but it also has 40Gb intel x25-V MLC SSD but it says it only has 28.1 mb used and 71.8 mb free? i wanted to put the OS on it when i reformatted but it dosent have enough room?

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    Disconnect the 1Tb HDD, leaving the SSD as the only storage device. Go in to the BIOS and set your optical drive as the first boot device. Then put your OS disk in your optical drive. Restart the computer and format the drive when that option presents itself..Then continue with the OS installation. Once done, you can reconnect the HDD.

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  • Allan
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    With a windows installation disc using "advanced options" DELETE all existing partitions

    then use the "Quick format" option

    The thing you need be aware of is that as SSD's age the NAND cells become unresponsive

    they essentially "Die", but I find it difficult to believe that a 40gb drive became that unuseable....

    Unless someone ran a defrag and optimize program on it with the OS resident on some other hard drive. this can read and write to the cells multiple times in a relatively short period of time and wouldbe a good way for say... someone with a kiddie porn collection or a terrorist plotter to destroy any information on the drive, but there are also easier ways... like chucking the drive into any large body of water or into a fire.

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