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I live in Canada, visited Florida a few summer's ago and got into a little fender bender. I was with a friend in Panama City. She got very exhausted so she wanted me to drive us back home to Alabama. In a parking lot, I backed into a car and the police came and I was charged under a criminal offense for not having a valid drivers license *fine*. So after returning to Canada and negotiated with the Bay County Court, I was issued a Plea of no Contest in Absentia (or whatever) and was ordered to pay a total fine of $390 U.S. within two months or whatever. The problem was for some odd reason or another, the payment I sent never made it to the courthouse and I do not have any evidence to support these claims. I am only a PR in Canada and am due to apply for Citizenship soon. I have tried many times to contact the Judge assigned to my case via fax as directed by his assistant, but still no response. I am worried that I will not be granted Citi. if this warrant is currently active. Im only 21, a full time student, a husband and a BRAND NEW father, and can't afford to "cross the border" and go to Florida to fix this issue especially since im only a part timer. Anyone have any suggestions on what I might be able to do?



Thanks for the suggestions, yet i skimmed every inch of there website can't find anything, OR, because i never had to deal with something like this before, am completely lost on what to be looking for.

If you wanna take a look, the problem lies within the Florida 14th Circuit Court, Bay County

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    The Court probably issued a capias for your failure to pay your fines. File a Motion (stop calling by phone) to Lift the Capias and Motion for Teleconference to get things back on track. Look at the Court's website. It should have forms that you can download and file. At the teleconference, ask the Judge if you can mail the fine in again and if they will vacate the capias (warrant). Be prepared to pay additional penalties for being late and a capias fee perhaps. The Court will want the money payment plans.

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