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How much is this going to cost me?

I am looking into buying a super cheap 2000 Honda VFR 800i. It runs beautifully. Only problem is that I need to replace:

- Headlight.

- Front fairing around headlight.

- Front tire mud cover.

An estimate cost will do fine. I am thinking of buying the parts myself and then going to a shop to get it fixed up. Possibly going to do some of it myself. Not sure yet.


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    For new prices, look at the schematics on and see what you need, exactly, then shop the internet for them.

    Scrap prices are your best bet. You should be able to search current and completed auctions on eBay and figure that out pretty easily. I would expect those to cost a few hundred dollars; maybe $500 as a guess, but it's just a guess. Telling us what country you are in would have helped, perhaps.

    Nice bike, by the way. Very nice, actually.

  • A-Two
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    Double what you are paying for the scrap.

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