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Pregnant possibly? and scared?

Okay i was on bcp for a year i stoped takeing them 2 months ago and i heard the pill will be in ur system for awhile so we dont botheer useing condoms. :/

iv been haveing these symtpoms

-light period lasted 11th of jan to 18th on jan



-stomach achs

-a bit of nausea

-boobs have white stuff on them like something happend to them




-eating alt

-very tierd

Iv had sex last monday on my period but iv also had sex while i just got off the pill like a month ago?

but ya if anyone has anything to say comment please and no rude comments thanks- kate


forgot to mention i had taken 2 test very faint thin line from the dollerstore pink dye to ..

3 Answers

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    8 years ago
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    If you miss the pill for one day it's not recommended you have unprotected sex. Miss it for a couple of months and I'd say it's pretty likely you're pregnant.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Sex should be banned by the government. If you have an unauthorized pregnancy, you can go to jail.

    Source(s): China
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    8 years ago

    Buy a home pregnancy test.

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