im writing an essay saying that Richard Nixon was a good president despite his mistakes?

can anyone give me an idea on some sub-topics to discus on? my three main topics are foreign rights, civil rights, and environmental right and how he was involved, which made him a "good president"

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    Republican Richard Nixon took advantage of popular discontent with the Vietnam stalemate to defeat Democrat Hubert Humphrey in the 1968 campaign. Declaring that he had a secret plan to end the conflict, Nixon beat Humphrey by seven-tenths of 1 percent, winning 43.4 percent of the popular vote. George Wallace, a conservative third-party candidate exploiting anger over domestic turmoil, won 14 percent.

    Nixon’s first term is a study in pragmatic political leadership. Coming to office with a reputation as a staunch conservative, Nixon catered to public eagerness for environmental protection by creating the Environmental Protection Agency. Despite his conservative credentials, Nixon showed no reluctance to use the government to interfere in the economy in 1971 when he imposed wage and price controls to stem inflation (rising prices). Nixon showed himself equally flexible on proposals for national health insurance and welfare reform, portraying himself as a political moderate willing to push for an expanded role for government in addressing major domestic problems. To stem America’s persistent racial turmoil, Nixon ordered government agencies to institute affirmative action policies, under which minorities would receive special consideration in hiring.

    In foreign affairs he proved to be even more pragmatic, putting aside a reputation for unbending anticommunism to establish relations with China in 1972 and promote détente (lessening of tensions) with the Soviet Union. Although the Vietnam War continued until 1975, Nixon negotiated a settlement that withdrew U.S. troops in 1973, bringing an end to American involvement in the unpopular war.

    Only Nixon’s political habits tripped him up. A politician with a reputation for cutting corners, Nixon and his advisers could not resist reelection plans in 1972 that broke the law. Nixon and his staff planned a burglary of the Democratic Party headquarters at the Watergate complex in Washington, D.C. A scandal, which quickly became known as Watergate, erupted when the burglars were caught and linked to the White House.

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    Although the liberal leftist media hated him he was a fair and moderate president who wanted the US to disinvolve itself from Vietnam but to maintain our pride as well.

    He was a moderate on civil rights

    he was an anti-communist who traveled to China to open dialogue with them

    Abortion was deemed legal by the supreme court during his term

    Unfortunately his paranoia got the best of him & he let the FBI have to much of a hand in investigating the backgrounds of American citizens.

    His expansion of the Vietnam war into Cambodia & Laos were actually common sense tactics urged by the generals & approved by many in the military as that was where most of the NVA was coming down to South Vietnam from. The media made him seem like a warmonger.

    His choice of Kissinger as Secretary of State was a good choice at that time.

    The economy did not suffer during his time in office.

    he was one of the best presidents when it came to foreign relations whether he was hated or not by the populations in those foreign countries.

    He was very far from being perfect & he let his paranoia take charge of his personality.

    For the era he was president (1969 to 1974) I would give him a 6.3 out of 10 points.

    to compare with Carter 1.4, G Bush 1 a 7.4, Clinton a 5.9, Bush 2 a 3.4, and Obama a minus 12.

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    He got a puppy and named it checkers

    For his daughter

    Source(s): sorry, inside joke in my history class:)
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