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What bmx should i get for my first & how much should i spend?

I wanna do all those tricks but not go to advanced yet first i wanna start off with the basics . how much should i spend for my first bmx & what brand is good? i like the 2013 Kick Whip but its 500$. i can afford it, i dont kno if its too advanced tho for my first bmx?

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    Go on :)

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    I would say that you probley want to spend 300$ - 500$ on your first one, because it could turn out that you dont like BMX. Also dont get a very bad BMX bike when you start out because when you start you will usually be very bad, so your bike needs to be very good, but you cant spend to much because you might not enjoy BMXing as much as you thought.

    I just bought my first BMX also, it costed me 450$. Its called a 2012 Kink liberty. I found it on this site:

    That site I just put is for Freestyle bmxing. Like on flatground or on wooden ramps. Its a great site to compare bikes.

  • 8 years ago

    Hey--- $140 sez you can get a NASTY new " Shaun White" Whip 1.7 on from FAO 150 dealer in [ Sporting Goods-outdoor sports-CYCLING-full BMX]. It rocks!

  • 8 years ago

    Any one from a bike shop with rear and FRONT 990-style brakes.

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