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skannin asked in Consumer ElectronicsTVs · 8 years ago

Plasma TV getting WORSE image retention with age?

I bought a panasonic plasma TV a bit over year ago. I did read about how you should "break in" your plasma TV so that image retention or burn doesnt happen easily, but I'd have to say during the first few months of having the television, even with static images on it for hours, there was hardly a problem with IR. Any image retention would be very faint and disappear quickly, if you could notice it to begin with.

I'd say about a couple months ago I noticed IR to be very bad. An image will stick on my screen within literal seconds. It wouldnt even have to be 30 seconds for an image to stick. It does go away fast enough, but it's a very noticable ghost image (not like when I first got the TV). Never mind if there is a static image for minutes, then it's so much worse. I haven't had any permanent image sticking, but this is beyond a nuisance. Not only will text stick, but even the outline of actual live people.

How could IR become so much worse over time when everything I read says it gets better? The only explanation I have is that I now have HD channels and somehow that sticks worse?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    everyone i know with a plasma tv is suffering from burned images as well. it seems to be a real issue with those tvs. there usually is a function on your menu that lets you clean your screen. you will see the screen change colours and display lines and stuff. usually that will clear out any burned images if they arent too bad. but sometimes the damage is done.

    it really does make more sense to opt for the more economical lcd models which do not suffer from burned images.

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