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What Games Would Be Good To Do For Let's Plays?

I'm thinking of doing some let's plays on my YouTube channel, what games would be good to do?

If you're interested in seeing some upcoming ones, you can subscribe to my channel,

If you have a gaming channel, or would just like to do let's plays with me let me know through YouTube, I'll check and your channel and we can work something out very soon.

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    Let's Plays should banter to a specific audience based on which type of game it is

    Long Haul:

    the audience wants to see a game with lots of story and character depth. some longer games would be any of the final fantasy titles, Kingdom Hearts, or something along those lines


    People want to watch a game of ages long past. ps2/ps1 titles work well for these. something like resident evil 4 or Gex: enter the Gecko would be nice here.


    Best done with a friend or fellow youtuber, people watch this let's play because there are jokes associated with the gameplay, making it entertaining. You could use something like "Squirtle, use water gun!" whilst playing super mario sunshine. the contrast and reference to other titles may spin off another let's play


    Let's plays of this nature can be infuriating not only to the audience as they wait for the new episode, but also to you as you'll be tackling a game many find to be too challenging to do or you'll be stuck in a set of circumstances that put you at a blatant disadvantage. examples of this could be tackling a game like Dark Souls, or any game set to the highest difficulty setting.

    Source(s): Avid LP watcher.
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    To be honest, I love so much Crackdown, do you know that game? It is awesome, and there's not so much 'Let's Play' in youtube, so it will be cool if you do that 'Let's play'. If you don't know that game, I really recomend this game to you, although, it is a little difficult.

    Another great games are:

    Left 4 dead

    Assasin's creed (any game).

    WWE 13.

    Call of Duty: Black ops

    And that's all.

    Good luck!

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    Tomb raider like


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    I think you should do League of legends, it is a really popular game right now and people would enjoy Facecam while live commentary over the game :).

    If you do join League of legends, please sign up using my referral link :)

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    Bully, Bulletstorm, Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem, pokemon (for the hell of it XD. ), south park games, conker, entertaining stuff like that

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    Need for speed.

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