Atheists, what do you think of this Richard Dawkins Interview............?

This is a clip of an interview he did with Father George Coyne. Father Coyne was the head of the Vatican Observatory and is a distinguished Catholic astronomer and physicist who also happens to be a priest. He is particularly known for his harsh criticism of the Intelligent Design movement(along with Ken Miller.

What's fascinating is how calm and respectful the interview is. Dawkins seems to have a genuine respect for Father Coyne

What do you think?


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@Buddy....whatever....what did you think of the interview

Update 2:

@Answers. Fair enough. If you guys are interested, you should watch the whole thing(cause I just showed a clip)........They have some interesting exchanges on certain topics........

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  • jake
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    8 years ago
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    I just watched it. And I think that I see a man explaining things to the best of his knowledge and faith.

    While I respect his background, and his present state, as he is literally a diamond in the rough, I can't say that he proposes anything that is any more believable than the rest of the ideology proposed by both religious and scientific departments. He does not move the ground on which we stand, nor does anyone, thus far.

    So I respond to your question with a question:

    What am I supposed to think by viewing this interview?

  • 8 years ago

    Dawkins is an academic and will show professional courtesy to other academics whatever their area of expertise.

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