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David asked in Science & MathematicsBiology · 8 years ago

Do you find multicellular parasites more interesting than microbes?

Do you find multicellular parasites like parasitic worms and lice more interesting than microbes like protoza, bacteria and viruses.

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    Multi cellular parasites like parasitic worms and lice are invited to all the best soirees. They always arrive in the best clothing, fashionable, just a touch daring and oh-so continental! They've been to the most fascinating vacation spots like the Ritz & the Roman cafe society of "La Dolce Vita". As a result, they have the best stories to tell & have the latest gossip about Royalty and Hollywood Starlets. It's not for nothing that they're referred to as the "Bright Young Things"!! I'll have what they're having!!

    Microbes like protozoa, bacteria and viruses, on the other hand, drive cars with mufflers made noisy purposely to annoy people in residential neighborhoods, play the radio triple-loud and shout lewd phrases at female pedestrians as they speed by them in the street. They are frequently out-of-work and are bad at checking in w/their parole officer. Many are clearly using substances abusively! They think that kind of daring makes them interesting, but it's predictably BORING!

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