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Neil asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 8 years ago

Do you think the profiliferation of on-line Web series will destroy the film industry or save it?

It is common knowledge that Film Production has diminished in North America because people are finding their entertainment on-line and not on TV as much. In Canada, thousands of film workers in Vancouver are picketing the Government for tax breaks as some film professionals have not worked for well over a year.

Web series seem to be the future, but how will Producers earn back the massive negative costs required to make them?

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    There is a problem with your initial statement, "It is common knowledge that Film Production has diminished in North America". This statement is totally false but more on that later. Another problem is that you seem to you use Film Production/Industry and TV to mean the same thing which they are not.

    First to "It is common knowledge..." The Film Industry has seen massive increase in its profits and they are making more today then ever before in history. Domestic box office (which fluctuates) has increased since 2001. However it is in the international realm where North American Film Industry has seen unprecedented increases they are up almost 100 percent since 2001. That is to the tune of 10 Billion dollars. Film Industry has never been stronger. The only downside to Film Industry has been DVD sales but this is due to streaming (they will eventually figure how to make that more profitable) and not web series.

    So Web Series won't save it as it does not need saving and it can't destroy it because the Film Industry will simply co-opt them (as it is already doing).

    There are negative costs but nothing near what you assume. It takes roughly 1,000 dollars per minute to make a web series. So lets assume a 30 minute episode and then 10 episodes. That is 300,000 dollars. If the Film Industry invested a measly 1% of their profits (Over 30 billion) they could fund 300 new web series and have every single one fail and the loss would barely dent their bottomline. That is hardly a "massive negative cost."

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