Pokemon leaf green help?

i need help making a perfect pokemon leaf green team. i currently have (only one badge)

charmeleon lv22

pidgey lv 15

pikachu lv 14

manky lv 12

nidoran lv12]

kakuna lv 8

tell me what to keep and replace and some attacks that would help me throughout the game and some pokemon with type and attack advantages that would help with gyms and the elite four. thanks :)

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  • 7 years ago
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    Charmeleon: Make sure it learn Flamethrower.when it become Charizard,teach it Fly.

    Pidgey: keep it as well.Teach it Fly also.and Aerial Ace.

    Pikachu:make sure to find a Thunderstone and use on pikachu to evolve it.Thunderbolt is a must have move.

    Mankey: u can keep it if you want but i prefer replacing it with Machop.

    Nidoran: if its a male,keep it,evolve it into Nidorino,when it reaches level 43,use Moon Stone to evolve it and it'll learn Megahorn.once u have tm Sludge Bomb teach it.

    Kakuna:ditch it,Beedrill is a burden, if you happen to meet a Rhyhorn,catch it.when it evolve to Rhydon it'll be unstoppable.teach it Earthquake and Rock Tomb/Slide.

    >for the Elite Four:

    1. Ice Lorelei> use Primeape(your evolved mankey)/Machoke to deal with her.use fighting moves.best is Cross Chop.Rock moves is good too. But for her Jynx,use Charizard,for Slowbro use Raichu.

    2. Fighting Bruno> use Pidgeot to beat his Fighting pokemon. When he uses Onix,use your Rhydon(use Earthquake) or Primeape/Machoke.

    3. Ghost Agatha> no type specification,since her ghost's weakness is going to be your weakness too(ghost is weak to ghost). The best is to use Charizard and Raichu.make sure to defeat her Gengar as fast as u can. But her Golbat and Arbok can be beaten easily with Rhydon or Raichu.

    4. Dragon Lance> difficult, But i'm sure u can just use your Rhydon to beat his Dragonair/nite, and his Gyarados and Aerodactyl will be slayed by your Raichu.

    5. Gary>> his party has various types, just give everything u got, use your experience and knowledge throughout the game to beat him. WISH YOU LUCK.

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