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I'm getting 69% in math 10! Help?!?

I was getting 60% before but I re did a few quizzes and I'm getting 69% now! I have final exams in 2 days. That exam counts for 20% of my grade! With 69% I have a C+. Now To get into the next class next year I need atleast 75%. So how does this work? If I do okay.. Like not very good but minimumly passing on final exam(which counts for 20%), will I go up even a little bit? I need to get ATLEAST 75%! Thanks for the help :)

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    If the final exam is the very last thing that counts towards your grade, then the 69% you have will be worth 80% of your grade, with the final being worth 20%. 69*0.8 + x*0.2 = final grade.

    Let's say you get 100% on your final, just to see how high of a final grade is possible for you. Then you'd have 69*0.8 + 100*0.2 = 75.2 . So the most you could get as a final grade would be 72.5%. If you need at least a 75%, then you'd have the equation 69*0.8 + x*0.2 = 75 . This would mean you'd need to get at least a 99% on your final to get a 75% as your final grade. You will almost have to ace the test to get at least a 75%.

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    lucky u, in my school exams were 30%. but gr 10 math isnt hard

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