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Anonymous asked in TravelAsia PacificOther - Asia Pacific · 8 years ago

which is better pakistan or india?

as a country..... i have friends from here so i want to know about it

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  • 8 years ago
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    Okay so this is a tough one I'm Pakistani by nature so I might add things about Pakistan

    So here goes

    Pakistan and India are two countries located in Asia

    They're Majority Caucasian some parts in Pakistan and India have a Negroid minority and those parts that are near the border have Mongoloid Minorities

    Pakistan and India formed on 14th Aug and 15 Aug 1947 respectively

    They're both developing countries (hopefully Though both have been quite corrupt in the recent 5 years)

    Pakistan is ethnically and Genetically more diverse so is India however India is diverse in a different

    In both countries you can see a different culture emerging every 10 Kilometers since Pakistan is in the middle of Ancient Trade routes many people have moved from and to here in hopes of a better future that's why you're going to find many different Cultures here i'mll give you personal example

    I'm quite brown with deep brown hair my brother Looks Arabic and my mother has light brown hair

    My cousins some are albinos some have semi blonde hair and my friend well one of them has blue eyes white skin and his father has brown skin and green eyes

    See what I mean diverse

    Source(s): Ps: the word censored is referring to black people it's funny how it didn't censor Caucasian or Mongloid but censored N E G R O I D
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