Question about PayPal dispute?

My boyfriends sold routers that he had from his work for free they are really expensive ones and he made a lot of money with it. But now the guys who bought them started a dispute because he says that they have scratch on them. But on our ebay add we mentioned that they were used and we showed a pictures of them, and we can see that they are not in perfect condition. Now my by has -1600$ on his Paypal account, so does that means he has to pay him back can he refuse? Can he win the dispute? thank you for you help!

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  • Sam
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    8 years ago
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    Ebay and PayPal will both side with the buyer if they file a claim.

    Your boyfriend will not win the dispute.

    It doesn't matter if you have funds in your PayPal account or not --- if it's not there it will either come out of checking or go on a credit card.

    If the item comes back --- do you think it'll bring in the same return if it's listed again?

    IF you think maybe less --- you wight want to encourage the buyer to keep the routers and settle for a partial refund. This will save the cost of refunding original shipping.

  • 8 years ago

    Your boyfriend should not keep money in PayPal. This is very dangerous because PayPal can freeze your account sometimes without a coherent explanation. I think your boyfriend is at a lost because if the Buyer initiated a dispute, PayPal most likely will put a freeze in his account for the value of the dispute. No matter what your boyfriend says, on issues of an "item not being as described", PayPal will almost always side with the Buyer and will ask the Buyer to return the item for a refund, forcing your boyfriend to issue a refund.

    BOTTOM LINE: Never keep funds in PayPal. Always withdraw the funds immediately into your bank account. Worst come to worst, PayPal will put your boyfriend's account on a negative balance and send to a collection agency if you do not pay but if you have a case you can continue to dispute the outcome of the claim.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    bypass into paypal, decide on the transaction and click on the link to dispute it. There aren't any rates for a paypal dispute as far as i understand, very last time an merchandise did not arrive I recieved my funds lower back in finished. do not close the dispute till you've the object or the refund. sellers are to blame for buying the object wisely to you, in the experience that they despatched it trackable (say royal mail recorded signed for) and characteristic evidence of delivery the received't lose the declare. yet seeing as you do not have the object some sellers recon if the shopper would not take out coverage they are not to blame for lost products. They get a rude awakening as to their lack of expertise even as a shopper files a dispute.

  • 8 years ago

    go back and check his listing. If he said that they were used with some cosmetic damage, then there should be no problem. People need to understand that when something is used, there are going to be some cosmetic issues with it. Used things are just not perfect. However, your real problem is that even if he wins the dispute, paypal is still going to tie up his money for weeks... maybe months.

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  • 8 years ago

    Sometimes it can take 30 days to get things resolved. I know from experience that the worst thing you can do is not answer the questions they ask. If you don't answer it is like admitting that you sold crappy stuff. Keep up with all the debates and you should be OK.

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