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Does masturbation or ejaculation decrease minerals, nutrition and testosterone from your body?

I just turned 18 and started my workouts last year plus ive also bin masturbating almost regularly since age 13, and my cousin recently told me that masturbation can effect negatively on your workouts and muscles since it decrease testosterone and wastes nutrition and minerals from food you eat before ejaculations, it also decrease zinc

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    There are trace amounts of minerals in your semen, but it's not enuf to have any negative effect on ur body. A multivitamin or just normal nutrition replaces these minerals at dozens of times the amount lost. God made your body to be able to ejaculate frequently through sex or masturbation with no I'll effects. There is no difference biologically in having an orgasm/ejaculation in intercourse vs masturbation.

    Regarding testosterone, in taking blood samples of men who did not ejaculate for many days, testosterone levels did not go up. So, there is no testosterone benefit to not ejaculating. The only day levels went up was on the 7th day, and levels returned to normal on the 8th day.

    When u r sexually aroused - like thinking sexual thots and feeling horny - ur testosterone levels go up temporarily. If u ejaculate, they quickly return to normal levels, but not low levels. If u don't ejaculate, the levels still return to normal over a few hrs time.

    So, some have suggested it will slightly improve ur workout if u get urself horny before beginning. The same people say u should ejaculate after ur workout, as orgasm releases chemicals that help ur muscles heal faster.

    U could try that, but Getting a good night's sleep or eating better will probably have far more impact

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    masterbation is the way releasing excess amount of sperm in the male organ known is as the "****" or "****".Masterbation is a healthy pracitice but too much can lead to some serious health risk.No it doesnt decrease your testosterone levels.

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