is ryerson a good university?

i want to be a nurse and i've heard both really good and really bad things about the university. (i live in ontario, canada)

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    8 years ago
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    Before I answer this question, I want to tell you that regardless of which Nursing program you go to - you will achieve your end result of becoming a Nurse. This is because Nursing education is fairly standardized in Canada and ALL nurses must pass the CRNE regardless of which University they attend.

    Moving along, Ryerson University's School of Nursing is one of the best Nursing schools in Canada.This is because they focus on both the Clinical as well as the Theoretical component of nursing education. You will several Universities that do not take the Clinical component seriously but for Nursing you the best way to learn is to be hands on, not in the classroom. This is why Ryersons Nursing program is good, their students are required to do over 1400 hours of Nursing education.

    Take a look at this website for more info:

    - Maria

    Source(s): and my sister is a Registered Nurse.
  • 8 years ago

    For nursing the programme is okay. It is certainly not a prestigous institution. If you can get in to a real university nursing programme (Toronto, McMaster, York, Western, Queen's) take it.

  • Lori
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    8 years ago

    Yes Ryerson is a good place to go.

  • bissel
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    4 years ago


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