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Financial reports/information for Private Banks that failed in the crash?


I need to find information about 25 American banks that failed in 2008. I need information such as who their auditor was, what the audit opinion was for the 2007/2008 year and their volatility. I've tried to look in all of the usual places as well as several of my schools data bases. I also have access to Bloomberg Terminal and there was no information there either.

Does anyone know where I can access this type of information about private companies?

Just to name a few of the companies that I'm looking for - Barnes Banking co., 1st Centennial Bank, Nexity Bank, San Joaquin Bank, LibertyBank, Columbian Bank and Trust Co., First Banking Center, Atlantic Southern Bank, First Georgia Banking Company, Century Bank FSB, Rainier Pacific Bank, Colorado Capital Bank, Peoples Community Bank, First National Bank of the South, Community Bank, Teambank, Darby Bank & Trust Co. etc.


Just access to their financial reports or the auditor reports would be WONDERFUL.

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    Sofie, you are asking for the impossible. Private banks are not required and generally do not publicly disclose any financial information about their operation, because they are not publicly traded and hence are not subject to any SEC rules. Therefore, neither Bloomberg or any other service is going to be of much help. Another problem is, that whenever any business closes, then access to old information becomes very hard to get.

    I also noted that some of the banks you mention did not fail in 2008, but rather in another year (e.g. Century Bank of Sarasota, FL failed in 2009.) I have included a list from FDIC in the banks that failed and their closing date. Your best chance to get any info on failed banks would be the the FDIC, but I doubt even there that you can get much of the data you are looking for. Send them an email and see if they are willing to give you some data or guidance on how to get it. Another suggestion is to use Google Search and type in the name of each institution you are interested in (search for each one separately) and see what you get:

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    enable's see, here's a partial record of each and every of the entities that became bancrupt whilst the spinoff paper they held became valueless: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Solomon Brothers, financial corporation of united statesa., JP Morgan Chase, ordinary electric, AIG, undergo Stearns, Wachovia, Citigroup, Merril Lynch, Lehman Brothers...upload to that ordinary vehicles and Chrysler and likely Ford because of the fact of its very own credit arm turning out to be bancrupt. plus over in Europe united statesand others. Yeah, it would have been so clever to enable the entire financial gadget fall apart thereby inflicting yet another great melancholy and unemployment in a minimum of the 25% variety because of the fact the credit and financial markets thoroughly freezing. Are you for real? whilst the Bush Treasury branch's concepts-set could have been lots greater stringent and lots greater desirable the reality of the undertaking is that the explanation Bush and Paulson got here earlier the cameras interior the fall of 2008 looking like deer caught interior the headlights is they have been staring into the abyss of chaos. something had to be executed and the government did no longer have the potential on the time to rearrange for orderly liquidations of even the main disabled companies.

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