I want to buy a celica, how do I make sure mileage is correct? Can dealer check?

Hi, i saw an ad for an 03 celica trd.. he has it up for a decent price, well lower then average.. The car is very clean except the headlights have become yellow. Now the only thing that put me in doubt is the pic he took of the digital meter which said EXACTLY 120,000km.. and I beleive that either its a crazyyy coincidence or he reveresed the mileage on it and took the pic right outside his garage. I am going to check the carproof to see if mileage history was recorded frequently and the gap between each record, when I go.. but is there any way I can find out if it has been reversed, would anyone know if toyota dealer can check and find out?

Please and thankyou :)

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  • Brent
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    7 years ago
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    You'll have to pull your version of a Carfax and hope for the best. I doubt a dealer is into messing with a car that old. Doesn't hurt to ask, I reckon.

    Of course, a Celica, last I remember them looking like, is a terribly impractical looking car, so don't be terribly shocked that one has lowish miles on it.

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  • 7 years ago

    It is hard to change the mileage on a digital meter. I wouldn't always use mileage to judge the value of a car - if the headlights are very yellow (common on those year celicas) then it has probably spent a lot of time in the sun - check for other cosmetic problems inside the car. The engine and transmission should be fine just change all the fluids as soon as you get it.

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