Greek mythology persephone help!!?

We have a Greek mythology project and I have persephone. We have to tell the story, have a literary allusion and dress symbolically. I need help with the outfit, but we can't go all out. Also I can't find any literary allusions to persephone. Can anyone help??

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    Well to begin Persephone was the daughter of Zues (god of lightning,thunder and king of gods) and Demeter (Goddess of harvest). You see the god of the underworld Hades had an interest of Persephone and gave Zues a gift and asked if he could marry Persephone. One day when Persephone was in afield with her maidens, Hades suddenly popped out of the ground with a chariot and kidnapped Persephone and took her to the underworld. When Demeter found her daughter was missing she went to Zues and asked what happened. Zues told her the story and she was furious. Demeter said no crops or food or vegetables would grow until her daughter was returned. Meanwhile in the underworld Persephone longed for a friend, and hated Hades. However, he soon grew on her, and experienced true freedom (In Hades, at least). Soon, Hecate(a goddess of magic) came down and befriended her, and Hades grew happy for Persephone.

    Zeus then ordered Hades to return Persephone, but Hades sent a wonderful gift to Zeus. Persephone also ate six pomegranates, which cursed her to stay there for six months. Zeus was taken by this, so he was torn between this and nature. He, Demeter, and Hades came to an agreement, where Persephone would stay half the year in Hades and half the year on Earth/Olympus. From that we get the seasons, when Persephone is in the Underworld we have 6 months of Fall and winter and when shes on earth we have 6 months of spring and summer.

    Here are some links where you can find more informational knowledge. › Greece Myths

    Hope I helped :)

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    Rex's answer is good, but there are some mistakes in it. Persephone longed for her mother above all things and because she wanted to one day return to earth, she refused to eat any of the food in the underworld because should she do so it would bind her there forever. Because Demeter created a drought and famine amongst the mortals, they began to lose faith in the gods. Demeter, who searched far and wide for her daughter, lived with King Celeus at his palace in Eleusis, disguised as a nanny. Eventually, because the mortals stopped praying to the gods and giving sacrifices to them, Zeus (who never really cared for the mortals) began to worry because it was through those actions that the gods gained there power. He tried many times to convince Demeter to allow the crops to grow again, to no avail. Eventually he gave in and requested Hermes to enter the underworld and return Persephone to her mother. Before Persephone left, however, Hades tricked her into eating 4 seeds from a pomegranate, which would force her to return to the underworld for 4 months out of the year. During those 4 months that Persephone would be away from her mother, the crops wouldn't grow. These 4 months coincided with the dry, summer months that crops and greek agriculture production was low.

    Note: Greece does not have the same kinds of seasons as North America. Their winter is not the same as our winter.

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    ok, everybody in simple terms completely complicated this. Persephone replaced right into a Minor Goddess, she replaced into no longer an Olympian. She replaced into in simple terms the Daughter of Demeter (Goddess of the Harvest). Persephone married Hades, Ruler of the Underworld, while he abducted her, yet in basic terms maintains to be with him for roughly 3 or 4 months each and each 3 hundred and sixty 5 days (wintry climate), i won't bypass into why considering the fact that's an prolonged tale. Persephone is regularly represented via Asphodel, yet there's no particular image it rather is Persephones (like Hephaestus' quail, or Hera's Peacock) Persephone replaced into ordinary to have vegetation spring up anyplace she walked and replaced into waiting to place vegetation into bloom while she needed, yet replaced into no longer ordinary to have any 'specific powers' or 'heroic characteristics'. rather, not one of the gods had those. They have been meant to be like genuine human beings, packed with sturdy and undesirable, kindness and anger. They have been gods, no longer superheroes.

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    i would write more, but i am streched for time.

    first of all, her real name, was kore. her mother turned her friends into harpies when they said they didn't see where kore went. persephone/kore is the queen of the underworld.

    maybe go to a library, or online, i would say more, but like i said, i need to go.

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