Hes acting 'weird' now? and not wanting to talk....?

Me and this guy really like eachother.. alot. Although we arent dating.. Weve been talking everyday practically all day long for about like a month and a half now, and he would call me all the time too. He was also taking about our "future" together, about how we are going to the same college together and would be staying at a friends house together while going to school next year.. He seemed really interested? and recently I messaged him three times on facebook and he read them, but never answered? Until I posted a picture of me and my best guy friend hugging on facebook then he messaged me saying "oh you have a boyfriend now...?" (he lives in a different town.. which is a hour away.) After I told him he was just a friend he understood and we started acting normal again.. He told me he was extremely busy with hockey and basketball and such..

I messaged him again recently and he still read it and never answered and I know he had play offs all weekend including today which is really important to him, but he was making statuses and stuff too and never answered me? \

he isnt acting all "lovey dovey" as he was before and acting weird? I really do not want to ask him whats up because I dont want to seem clingy. What do you think is up?

no rude comments please.

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    Well it's very likely to be because of that picture. Although you said that was just a friend, he might've already interpreted it in his own way or he thinks that you lied to him. Even if you two are just friends, to him it might seem like the two of you are extremely close, close enough to become a couple. You can ask him what's wrong but word it carefully.

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