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How to deal with being bullied?

Well.. People just love to pick on me. It even made me miss a whole chunk of school too, which makes it even worse. I try to stand up for myself but when I do, it gets worse. I even tried changing schools, but it's too late now. So many people call me ugly and stupid and I actually start believing it. I constantly look in the mirror and compare myself to other girls. I told my teachers and everything, but they seem like they don't care at all. Is there any advice someone can give me to help me? I'll try to listen :' )

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    Okay, bullying is a serious problem in school. I was bullied in school. Violence is never the answer. Once I beat the living day lights out of a bully he never bothered me again and all the kids were cheering me. The kid was twice my size who I beat. I got suspended and had to go to a Conference. Sometimes you have to have courage and stand your ground.

    Another option is to talk to the school counselor, Principal or a trusted teacher. Your parents could get involved if needed. Some kind of meeting and intervention needs to take place. Stand your ground now and don't put up with this ugly and abusive behavior. Stand up for whats right even if you stand alone. Maybe they can have a meeting with the teachers and the kid. This approach might solve the problem over a period of time.

    Dude, all due to respect you have to stand your ground and put there punks in their place. Don't underestimate yourself. They are losers and you cant do serious *** kicking if you wanted. I have seen nerds take on big kids. I grew up in the hood. I had to fight. When I fought I fought for respect. You have to have it in you. I realize you don't want to get into trouble. Your a good kid. If i was the teacher I would smack those punks kids around. That's why I would never be a teacher. Anyway good luck kid. Once you had enough bullying you will do some *** kicking I bet.

    I tell things as it. Not just to get points on this thing. I want to help you and I care.

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    oh lord. bullies.

    kehvon, ma homedawg, had to go a school where they hated him for having lived in the US(in korea).

    this other dude who they picked on for no reason at all eventually never came back. he fought every ******* that made fun of me, and eventually got accepted

    that doesn't work here.

    i'd say, start developing interpersonal skills. most teachers will actually help you out as much as possible, as long as you're not being whiny. start hanging out with the few fiends you have!

    the best of luck! don't listen to any other **** kids might sayy

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    Don't listen to what those girls say! You are beautiful, and smart, and just ignore them and hang on tight! (I just keep a low profile)

    I wish you the best of luck

    P.S. If you need encouragement, or get into the "mood" listen to Girl on fire by Alicia Keys, or You are what you are (beautiful) by Christina Aguilera

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    Tell ur parents, tell your counselor , try making a few friends, try changing ur look if u want but dont try too hard.

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