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Do girls find it creepy when shy guy stare at them?

I'm a really shy guy and I have very low level of confidence. I have very few friends and I don't go out as much as I should for my age. Sometimes when I see a girl I like in my class I can't help myself but stare at her. It's not like I'm constantly staring or that she look back at me in a weird way, it's just that when she look back I feel very creepy. Since I don't want to be creepy I try not to look at girl that attract me which only increase my shyness.

I know that I have a self-esteem problem but it would help me to know if girls find it creepy when a lonely guy stare at her. It would help develop a better comfort zone toward them.

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    Yes, they do unless they like you then you're good to go. Girls like attention, however staring at them often gives off the vibe that you are looking at them like a piece of meat. I know that you said you have a low level of confidence but perhaps you can relate to Peter Parker of the Spider-man comic book series. Parker was very much a shy no confidence guy but if you have saw Spider-man 2 I think the answer to your problems lies within the scene where Parker goes to see Mary Jane's play. She suddenly notices him in the crowd and is stunned to which Parker's reply is simply a silent "hi". I believe that this can be your icebreaker as it immediately initiates the possibility of conversation i.e. if she says hi back make every effort to compliment something on her, maybe her hair or even her eyes girls go crazy inside when you notice a such a small detail as their eyes. Another thing is if you have the chance to give them a compliment something like saying "you know I just couldn't help but notice you have the prettiest smile" is a great thing to say. Bottom line is if you're staring and they catch you once or twice as long as it's gazing into their eyes is it will be okay but if they feel you are looking elsewhere they'll get uncomfortable fast and quickly begin to look at you through condescending eyes.

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    Yes, staring is creepy. Especially if u look away real fast when she catches you... then it just seems like u were thinking something nasty. Now if you can't help urself and you get caught, smile and say hello. It's less creepy. Then apologize for staring And explain what you find so appealing. Ex. ( I'm really sorry about that's it's just, i think you have the most beautiful eyes. I was hoping maybe we could do something together) if she says no DON'T PANIC. even the hottest guys get shot down . . Just so oh, well i am sorry, see ya later. And walk away a cooler guy

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    It can be creepy and it can be cute. If you stare at her and don't stop and sit there and just stare it's definieatly creepy but if you look and then look away shyly when she looks it comes across as cute. Although if the girl isn't interested in you or attracted to you and you keep looking at her it may weird her out. Good luck and I hope you get more confident :)

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    It is always rude to stare at anyone.

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    Nope. They love it. Chicks dig the attention.

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