please can someone tanslate into german please?

hello!:) im writing to my exchange partner and want to say ...

my usual school time table is like this... i usually have to get up at 7 o’clock, school starts at eight thirty, so i start to walk to school at eight o’clock and then i walk home at three thirty when school ends. my first class starts at ten past nine, them my second lesson is at ten o’clock. after that is break from ten fifty five until eleven fifteen when my third lesson starts. fourth lesson is at five past twelve, lunch is at one o’clock which lasts 40 minuets. My fifth lesson starts at 40 past one and my last lesson starts at two forty five. Usual after school i will either ride my horse or go to the gym.

please help! please do not use translator as i have done that and it made no sense! thank you!!!!

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    Mein normaler Stundenplan sieht ungefähr so aus: Ich stehe normalerweise um sieben Uhr auf. Der Unterricht beginnt um halb neun, daher gehe ich gegen acht Uhr los und gehe nach der Schule um halb vier nach Hause. Meine erste Unterrichtsstunde beginnt um zehn nach neun, die zweite um zehn, danach haben wir um fünf vor elf eine Pause, bis um viertel nach elf meine dritte Stunde beginnt. Die vierte Stunde beginnt um fünf nach zwölf. Von essen wir zu Mittag; die eigentliche Pause ist 40 Minuten lang.Meine fünfte Stunde beginnt um zwanzig vor zwei und die letzte Stunde beginnt schließlich um viertel vor drei.

    Nach der Schule gehe ich entweder reiten oder in die Turnhalle/ das Sportstudio.

    Okay, so there's one thing to say about the last sentence. I wasn't sure whether by "gym" you were talking about the gym in the school (so if you meant that you do sports there - if this is the case, use "die Turnhalle") or the kind of gym which you pay for and then you can use all kinds of training devices there (if you meant this, use "das Sportstudio").

    I tried my best, but some of the things you wrote just sound ugly when they are translated... I didn't translate them word by word, but it doesn't sound particularly appealing.

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