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Im thinking of buying the dodge dart?

And without the Navigaton system its 16 000 but with it it's like 23000 ( with turbo and what not )

I dont need the turbo or alot of power.

How much would it be to get the navigaton system put in roughly ?

also should i just go for the 23000 anyways ?

( First time buying a brand new car )

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    No matter what trim level Dart you purchase, you will be very happy with this vehicle.

    That being said, the price ranges you have provided indicate that your dealer is showing you a base model SE in comparison to the higher end Limited. They are correct in advising that the 8.4N (8.4” touchscreen with navigation) is only available in the Limited. If you really do not care to have the in dash navigation there is the SXT and the Rallye that still do have the 8.4" touch screen with the option of adding Sirius* Satellite Radio and UConnect* hands-free, and many feature/options the SE does not have.

    Further to that, if you chose the Limited with all the goodies, or any model, you have the choice between the 1.4L Turbo or the 2.0L so don't feel pressured in to taking what they have on the lot, order the car you want.

    Please note that you cannot get the navigation installed afterwards as of yet.

    My recommendation is for you to go the link below where you can build and price your Dart and bring that in to your dealer where they can order your Dart to your liking.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me at the email listed below.

    Hope that helps and happy Dart shopping!

    Chrysler Canada Inc.

    Top Care Team

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    It is unlikely you can get the factory navigation system added on as an aftermarket thing. But you could just buy the $16,000 version and add an aftermarket GPS for like, $200.

    More expensive versions of the car will depreciate in value more quickly, Personally, I'd buy the $16k one and pocket the extra $7000.

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