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Canadian Forces Navy Reserve BMQ questions?

Alright, heres what I already know from asking people at my home unit.

It's going to be in Quebec.

It will be 7 weeks long.

It will be a combination of BMQ and NETP

Heres my questions that I'm hoping someone could help give insight about:

1) Will it be equivalent to normal reg force BMQ and/or army reserve BMQ (I heard there BMQ is more field oriented)

2) What will the course hours be like day to day? Most people I ask this too say you'll be busy the entire time and have absolutely no free time. My friend is currently doing army reserve BMQ and he says his training lasts from 6am to 6:30pm and after that they have the rest of the day to prepare for the next day and such but they can also use it as spare time if they finish everything they have to do. He's even able to use his phone everyday after 6:30.

3) (Kind of like question one) Is it equivalent to reg force BMQ in training. I don't mean on paper but I mean will I feel like i've been trained like the reg force afterword?

4) Are you allowed to go home on weekends? I've asked a lot of people this and I've gotten mixed answers.

5) If you're allowed to go home on weekends is it possible to actually go home? (I live in New Brunswick) Or do you have to stay in town during the weekend?

6) Will there be any long weekends or chances to be sent home during the summer? I ask this because for normal BMQ if its done during Christmas they send everyone home for 2 weeks during Christmas. Just wondering if there are any moments like that during the summer where there's a holiday or something recognized by the CF.

7) Can you bring your own pillows and blankets?

If you don't wanna answer this I don't blame you, it's a lot of random questions. I'm just really curious about what i'm going to be doing this summer and for some reason my unit isn't much help. Also im sure anyone who's done any BMQ a lot of the same stuff applies to the question.


Randy, im not really sure if you're right about the gap between reg force and reserve. Ive heard many stories of people doing component transfers without redoing bmq.

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    1) Its a reserve BMQ so it will not be the same as a reg force BMQ. It's a navy BMQ so it will not be the same as an army BMQ.

    2) The course is essentially a 24/7 thing. There are no set hours. When you are not participating in scheduled training then you will be working independently to prepare for the next day. It's not like you can say "well, its the end of the training day so I'm going to have dinner and catch a movie" because after hours you will be studying, preparing kit for the next day, polishing boots, cleaning your quarters and even doing scheduled training activities in the evening.

    3) You will feel like you have been trained to the standards required for the reserves. Once you go on later on and complete reg force training you will feel like you have been trained like the reg force. That is why they have the different training courses.

    4) No, you will not be going home on weekends. Chances are you will be training on weekends and if you are not then you will have more then enough training tasks to occupy your down time. Its a military training course, not a 9-5, 40 hour a week job. If you want that, apply at Wal-Mart

    5) See answer #4

    6) See answer #4. There is a big difference between long weekends and block leave over Christmas. You have a set amount of time to complete a training course and they will maximize the amount of time they have.

    7) Yes, you certainly can bring your own pillow and blankets but don't plan on using them. Your room will be inspected regularly and everyone has the same blankets with the same pillows. Nobody wants to inspect one room and see issued blankets and pillows and then go next door and see someone's Buzz Lightyear comforter and frilly pillows. I'm not saying you would have that but one of the big things for training is uniformity and conformity among the troops.

    Source(s): Currently entering my 33'rd year in a CAF uniform, having completed the training and instructed on it over the years.
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    Canadian Military Reserve

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    For reserves, you likely would not be able to go to Borden Ontario for 10 weeks. You'd probably be doing your training at your local armoury on alternating weekends. Depending on how badly they need people in the regular force, you may or may not be required to re-take BMQ. Don't for get that you still have BMQ-Land (SQ), and all the QL training. Some of the training will be transferred over, but it depends on a case-by-case basis. Cheers and good luck to you,

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    Randy rules !

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