My PC doesn't work?!!?

I moved to a new house just about last week and I made the movers take my desktop with them instead of me taking it (which was a mistake). Anyway, my pc doesn't work now.. when I turn it on this screen appears:

( )

The screen stays like that. Does anyone know what might th

'/e problem be, and how do I solve it? Please help me and thank you

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  • Exile
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    8 years ago
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    Something probably got knocked loose.

    If i was in your case, I would do these steps. Don't worry, this is very easy to do.

    Turn it OFF, unplug power cord, re-plug power cord and ON again to double check, if it's still not working.

    Turn it Off, then UNPLUG it. Pull out the power cord, very important.

    Open it up, usually you can open the left side panel, there maybe two screws you need to remove.

    Touch any metal part of the case to discharge any potential static e from your hands.

    Now, look for any plugs or connectors inside and gently push them in where they are connected.

    Ignore any unused plugs/connectors.

    Look for the Memory sticks (the RAM), push 1 sticks in at a time by simultaneously pushing at the far end corners of the memory stick.

    Look for a small flat battery, about the size of a quarter/nickel.

    Remove it, then put it back in.

    Re-install the panel, plug the power, then test to see if it now works.

    If it is still not working, not you probably need professional help or a new PC.

    Note: by removing the battery, the time/calendar will be erased. So, you will have to re-configure the time/calendar.

  • ?
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    8 years ago

    Some hardware has been knocked so undo the case and make sure everything is seated properly if you can turn it on whilst the side panel is off.You will be able to see if all hardware is working as it should look specifically for the green light on the Mobo and make sure the fans are going and the light on the hard drive is on .

  • 8 years ago

    You have a few options here

    1) give it some time, it may sort itself out

    2) Try go go into our system BIOS and start your computor in safe mode (Google it if you dont know how to do that)

    3) make sure everything is connected

    4) try turning it off and on again

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Stuck in Bios.

    We can't really say what happened. Maybe it was dropped by the movers.

    At least try entering the Bios. There should be notice there that says "Press del to enter Bios" or something like that.

    Using the keyboard, navigate the selection to "Restore optimal settings", then press enter, then press f10, then click "Y", then press enter.

    I don't think it will work, though.


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  • 8 years ago

    seems like your hard-disk is corrupt due an improper shutdown!!!

    1.enter "safe-mode with command prompt" on administrator(give your computer times to startup "safe-mode with command prompt"

    3.type chkdsk/f

    4.hold-on a min until it's completely ends

    5. then type shutdown -r -t 00

    that command "shutdown -r -t 00" will restart your computer!!

    and this "chkdsk/f " will fix your hard-disk!!

    when it's done, do your stuff!! man

    Source(s): I'm a computer guy
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