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Bathtub faucet turns sink tap on.?

Hi I have an interesting situation.

I had an old oval shape American standard sink that was in rough shape and basic two knob hot and cold tap that was also pretty rough. In my bathroom. I removed the sink and faucet and basically just disconnected the rigid chrome lines from the wall and threw the sink and tap away. I got a new sink and single pull moen tap and replaced it all and replaced it with the flexible lines now. All works well and perfect with the sink and tap , but I recently found out that now when I turn on the bathtub faucet and only on the hot side of the bathtub faucet that the water runs a little bit on the sink tap. How does this make any sense.

Your input is greatly appreciated.


Well basically I just unhooked and reinstalled two lines. Cold to cold and hot to hot on the tap. For some strange reason the tap runs slightly when the hot water is turned on at the bathtub faucet. I'm so puzzled.

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    That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Either you are mistakenly connecting two completly seperate issues or I don't know what ? Provide a little more info if you can, this is interesting

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    Assuming the sink and tub are fed from an analogous source, that is in all probability a defective faucet, no longer beginning off up authentic, it is not going to be a blockage interior the pipes. perhaps there's a disintegrating washer interior the faucet or the place the faucet joins the water pipe ? purchase some faucet washers of distinctive sizes, they are very much less high priced, then turn off the water and open it up and see...

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