What are some in demand jobs that aren't in big cities?

I have nothing against city life, but Canada is experiencing a lot of rural flight so home prices in our cities are very high. I can't afford to live there, and I don't want to deal with long commutes either. What are some in demand jobs that aren't in big cities? I'm still in high school and I'm looking at different career options.

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  • bw022
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    8 years ago
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    1. Farm and ranch workers. Particularly vets, farm owners, ranch hands, etc.

    2. Any type of doctor or nurse. Rural areas have large shortages of rural workers.

    3. RCMP and other police officers (typically provincial police). Few want to be posted in rural areas and if you want small towns you can typically get postings their of your choice.

    4. Certain government jobs, both federal and provincial. Environmental officers, fish and wildlife folks, forestry, mining, certain customs jobs, highways, aboriginal affairs, etc.

    5. Skilled trades (particularly industrial) and engineers. Lots of oil and gas, mining, highways, etc. work.

    6. Tourism. Outdoor sports and recreation management, guides, park rangers, boat/tour operators, horseback riding, white water rafting, etc. Hotel management, ski resorts, national parks, summer camps, etc..

    Not dealing with commutes in rural areas is rare. Most people in rural areas will be driving a lot and many jobs in those areas will require commutes.

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  • Mark
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    8 years ago

    Pharmacy assistant (I'm sure you have a CVS, pathmark, major grocery store...etc) near you,

    Car saklesman (if you have a sale degree, and are Knowledgable with cars that my be the job for you)

    Car mechanic (If you went to mechanical engineering school, or took jobs training coarses with dealing with vcars. this job will be or you)

    Any of the various entry level positions (Mcdonalds, BB-king, Dairy-queen, SuperMarkets, janitor, laundrey mat assistant...etc)

    Source(s): I'm not sure how canada is, but here in the states it's actually easier to find a job in the city. more resources there.
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  • 8 years ago

    Retail store manager.

    Requires a business degree.

    Also small hotel manager.

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