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How to convert mmHg to Kpa?

Without using a calculator please. How do you do it?

What I'm trying to do is convert 719 mmHg to Kpa but I have no idea how :(

Thank you very much

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    You may still want to use a calculator to do the math, but to figure out what math to do, set up the problem with the unit-factor method, and the appropriate conversion factor.

    719 mm Hg x (101.3 kPa / 760 mm Hg) = 95.8 kPa

    A conversion factor is a ratio of two quantities which are equal to each other. That means the conversion factor is actually equal to "1", and multiplying by 1 won't change the measurement that's being converted, it only changes the units.

    The conversion factor used in the solution above comes from the fact that standard pressure can be expressed in several different units, which are all equivalent.

    Standard pressure equals....

    1.00 atm

    101.3 kPa

    760 mm Hg

    760 torr

    14.8 lb/in&²

    as well as others....

    Therefore, the ratio of 101.3 kPa / 760 mm Hg is technically equal to 1.

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    STP is 760 mmHg

    STP is also 101.3 Kpa. I hope that helps out a little bit.

    Source(s): Taking Chemistry in High School
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